My name is BeastKonoha. I'm 28 years old, I finished Mathematical And IT study on university - but it doesn't mean I know anything about coding. After years of graduating, I discovered this page and I fell in love immediately.

It's me, good boi!

My the earliest memory was me trying to learn how to code in HTML. I was amazed by the fact, that I wrote something in Notepad++, and after refreashing page - it appeared on my page! The page was on my disc, I didn't host anything on servers, lol. Years later I kinda forgot about that, but now when I discovered Neocities.org - something woke up in my heart. Like some old forgotten call to do something I always wanted to do and I forgot.


I remember how internet looked in early 2000. It was like a magical place for me - everything looked so crazy and unique and I could spend all days just surfing on web (do young people talk like that? omg i feel like a boomer now xD). I miss the days of neverending creativity of talented people, who could create something magical using the same HTML as othet people could do. I realised recently that I want to try to make my own page - and help myself to learn again how to code in HTML. That project has also one more reason.

U are amazin'~! Wowie!

As you can say, English isn't my first language (I'm from Poland, hello! 👋). I want to create this page to improve my language skill and I hope you will understand me ♥️♥️♥️.

The page is currently underworking, plz be patient! Idk how it works, lol

My cat is very cute!

It's been ages since I coded anything in HTML, oh boi

I'm gonna relearn how to code, because why not? in the meantime, here is my kitty Mona picture

Look at my cute baby!

things to do:

  1. Number one?
  2. Numebr two!
  3. number htrree!
)> beeb boop!